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Java Mail Debug Utility Source Code

Source Code for the Java Mail Debug Utility below.

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JMS Concepts for Use with GreyTower

JMS Overview

Sun Microsystems Java Message Service (JMS) defines the standard for reliable Enterprise Messaging. Enterprise messaging provides a reliable, flexible service for the asynchronous exchange of critical business data and events throughout an enterprise.

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GreyTower for Novell IDM - Clustering Overview

The Greytower Project has implemented the Shoal GMS framework (Shoal Home Page) that enables the connectors to establish and maintain a communication channel to enable connector pairs to communicate and exchanges status and event notification. The clustering communication allows for the failure detection of any of the following components:
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Novell Identity Manager
  • Grey Tower Connector

Automatic Failover and recovery services are managed by designating a node as a primary or secondary node.

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GreyTower Connector Parameters

Module Options

GreyTower Module Options
Driver Module Name: com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.JMS.JMSDirXMLDriverShim
Authentication Authentication ID The user name to authenticate against the JMS provider installation.
Authentication Context An optional directory context of the authentication object.
Application Password The password used in conjunction with the Authentication ID.

Driver Settings

Queue Manager The name of a queue manager (Specific to IBMS WebsphereMQ Product).
Message Broker The name of message broker (Specific to IBMS WebsphereMQ Product). this field must be filled in with the element Message Broker if you want to send or receive using topics.
Port This element is used only for connecting to JMS Server Installation on non standard/ Non-default ports.
Oracle SID Used only when connecting to Oracle Advanced Queuing. The element represents the Oracle SID Identifier..
Oracle-Schema Used only when connecting to Oracle Advanced Queuing. This element is used to specify the schema tag the queues reside under.
OracleQueueTable Used only when connecting to Oracle Advanced Queuing. This element represents the actual queue table name that will hold the JMS messages.
JMS Client ID The JMS Client identifier used to connect to a queue or topic. If left blank, the shim generates a random JMS Client ID.
Vendor The JMS Vendor Implementation.


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GreyTower for Novell IDM Documentation

GreyTower for Novell IDM Docs

Supported JMS Providers

  • WebSphereMQ
  • ActiveMQ
  • Oracle AQ (Advanced Queueing)
  • SoftWired IBUS
  • Open JMS
  • SpiritSoft
  • Tibco EMS
  • BEA
  • Sonic MQ
  • SUN


  • Establish or identify the queues to be used either to hold event messages published to eDirectory and/or event messages subscribed from eDirectoryTM.
  • Ensure that the appropriate vendor-specific JMS classes are installed on the server hosting the driver in accordance with the vendor’s recommendation.
  • Vendor-specific features: Ensure that any vendor-specific supporting components have been installed and configured properly on the JMS server.
  • If you are using the 3.0 relase of the greytower project please make sure you have the support shoal framework libraries. These are needed to support the realtime cluster node notification communication.

Example: when using topics with IBM WebSphere MQ, ensure that the message broker strmqbrk) process has been started

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