Product Overview


GreyTower Identity Products

Identity Centric IT Security Software

Our identity centric security products are divided into two groups. Identity and Access Management, and IT Data Security. All of our solutions are compatible with the GreyTower Identity Foundtion.

GreyTower Identity Products

GreyTower Identity FoundationGreyTower Foundation

Deliver on premise sclale out identity lifecycle management with the flexibility to connect to cloud services or iON.

GreyTower Cloud Services ModulesGreyTower Cloud Services Module

Identity services are provided to specific cloud applications such as, NetSuite, and others.

GreyTower for Novell IDM

GreyTower for Novell IDM

Use this if you want to extend your existing Novell deployment using a JMS connection or Amazon SQS to any compatible target.

gtcloud iON

GreyTower iON Cloud Identity

GreyTower iON Cloud Identity is essentially our GreyTower identity services modules deployed as iApps on the Mule iON platform.

Specialized Data Security Products

Athena Secure Document LibraryAthena Secure Document Library

Deliver a secure document library with digital vault and digital watermarking. Use with Tisiphone for added protection against data theft through email.


Tisiphone Email Executive e-DiscoveryTisiphone Email Executive eDiscovery

Get a real time look at key information happening within your organization. Track sensitive email subjects, and email chatter within your organization.