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"Organizations that need Identity Services will also need "systems integration,
and Service Oriented architecture is the way to do it. Our experts can help!"

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System Integration (SOA

The process of creating identity driven solutions using SOA principles has a by product.  Since we extend identity into the integration layer, we have the expertise and resources available to address pure play integration strategies.
The ESB (Enterprise Services Bus)
We support the methodology of horizontal integration methods that build in flexibility and agility. 

We’ve partnered with several top ESB companies like MuleSource and Sun (now Oracle) to bring you best in class integration products that compliment our business philosophy

MuleSoft- #1 open source SOA

MulesoftThe world's most popular open source enterprise service bus, with over 1.5M downloads and 2,500 production deployments. Lightweight service creation and integration that scales to power enterprise SOA.

Our GreyTower line of products seemlesly integrate with MuleESB. At Directory Services, Inc. we recognize that Mulesoft is the industry leader in this space boasting clients such as Bank of America, Walmart, T-Mobile, Honywell and more.  To see how'susing Mulesoft, <click here>