GreyTower Extensions

This is an extensive list of supported extentions supported by GreyTower. The underlying foundation of GreyTower is based on MuleSoft and therefore compatabilitys will closely mirror MuleSoft.

All Extensions

Activiti BPM

The Activity Module is a BPM module, allowing you to integrate Mule with the Activiti Platform.

Amazon SQS

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a reliable, scalable, hosted queueing solution accessible via REST and SOAP based Web Services.

AntiVirus Filter

This filter scans Mule Messages for viruses.

Apache FOP

The Apache FOP Transformer was created to transform a source message into formats supported by the Apache FOP project.

Apple Push Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector for sending Apple Push Notifications to iOS devices.


The Authorize.Net connectors allows for calling the payment services offered by the Authorize.Net AIM API.


The Bonita Transport is a BPM transport, allowing you to integrate Mule with the Bonita BPM Open Solution.


Establishes a direct conduit between an inbound endpoint and an outbound endpoint. Supports request-response and one-way bridging. Can perform transformations. Supports transactional bridging of inbound to outbound.

Cargo container for Mule

This project provides a Cargo implementation for Mule container.


The CICS transport can be used to call mainframe programs by sending XML messages to Mule.


The CIFS transport provides filesystem access using SBM.


This project is to provide a transport to allow files to be registered with or checked against Codel, using their Codel Mark.

Common Retry Policies

The Common Retry Policies is a module containing community built and maintained implementations of retry policies.


The CyberSource connector enables payments to be made from Mule using the Simple Order API.

EJB 3.0 Provider

This provider supports invoking EJB3.0 methods.


A transport that can send and receive messages to and from Erlang nodes.


The excel module provides a set of utilities to facilitate the work with excel documents.

Extended XML

The Extended XML Module for Mule allows message payloads to be serialized to XML and back again using XML binding frameworks like Castor.


The FIX (Financial Information eXchange) transport enables Mule to send and receive FIX messages.

Flickr Connector

Cloud Connector for Flickr.

Freemarker Transformer

Transform messages using Freemarker.


Mule Galaxy is a service oriented architecture (SOA) governance platform, often referred to as an SOA registry/repository. Galaxy aids in the management of SOA by providing features such as lifecycle, dependency and artifact management, service discovery and reporting, and application deployment management. galaxy can be deployed with the Mule ESB or as a standalone application.

Git Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector for working with Git repositories. Git is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed.


WebMethods Glue integrates with Mule meaning you can expose Mule components as Glue Web Services and invoke Glue Web Services from Mule.


Hibernate transport is very similar to JDBC, but instead of handling a list of maps, it deals with POJOs and it lets Hibernate do all the mapping work.

HostIp Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector for HostIp

iBeans - really simple integration for web applications

iBeans is a set of Java annotations for describing how to interact with an HTTP service through a Java interface.


A transport that reads from, writes to and observes JCR 1.0 containers.


This transport adds support for the JSR-311 implementation: Jersey. Jersey makes it possible to build RESTful services via a few simple annotations.


JIRA Transport is a transport provider that allows your Mule and other integrated services to communicate with one or more JIRA systems easily.


The JMX transport allows mule components to invoke operations, get/set attributes and receive notifications from MBeans residing in remote or embedded MBeanServer.


The jpa transport provides database access using Java Persistent API

JSON Support

This module provides transformers and filters for working with JSON encoded messages including converting to and from JavaBeans and XML.


Send and receive Mule Messages to/from an LDAP directory


Legs4Mule provides Mule Transformers and Mule Transports for IBM mainframes. It is based on the LegStar open-source mainframe integration project.

Lotus Domino

The Lotus Domino Transport for Mule allows to communicate with Lotus Domino Server. Request payload is constructed as an instance of java.util.Map interface. Response payload either an instance of lotus.domino.Document for READ operation, a universal id string for CREATE and UPDATE operations or boolean for DELETE operation.

Magento Cloud Connector

Compatibility: Mule 3.1

This cloud connector is for accessing Magento open source ecommerce web application.

Maven Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector for executing Maven goals against a directory. Maven is a software tool for project management and build automation.

Maven Mule Plugin

The maven-mule-plugin allows packaging a project as a Mule 3 application archive.


The MongoDB transport allows you to insert and retrieve data from MongoDB collections and buckets.

OSWorkflow Support

OpenSymphony's OSWorkflow is a simple FOSS workflow engine, similar in philosophy to JBoss jBPM. It has a nice clean API which makes it straightforward to integrate with Mule via the BPM Connector.

PayPal Cloud Connector

PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. This connector will allow to interact with PayPal's API.

PubNub Cloud Connector

PubNub is an Internet-Wide Messaging Service for Real-time Web and Mobile apps and games. PubNub is a massively scalable Real-time Bidirectional Messaging Service in the Cloud.


This transport interacts with a Qpid server and allows Mule to send and receive messages over Qpid queues or Qpid topics.


The Restlet* transport allows you to embed Restlet services, use the Restlet client API and use URI templates to route messages all inside of Mule.

S3 Cloud Connector

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services. Amazon S3 provides storage through a web services interface.


The SAAJ module provides functionality for working directly with SOAP messages and their payloads.


The SalesForce connector provides an easy to use interface to the SalesForce API. This allows users to create flows which can query, create and update information in SalesForce.


The SalesForce connector provides an easy to use interface to the SalesForce API. This allows users to create flows which can query, create and update information in SalesForce.

SAP Connector

The SAP Transport for Mule 2 allows to communicate SAP ERP Systems.


The S2Mule module allows Mule to interact with Seasar.

Serial RS232

A simple CommPort connector using Sun's comm jar for embedded system using Modbus protocol

ServingXML Transformer

This Mule Module will host a transformer that essentially wraps the Serving XML framework.


The SFTP Transport allows files to be read and written to and from directories over SFTP.

Siebel Transport

Siebel Transport for Mule allows to access Siebel Business Object interfaces and invoke available methods.

Simple HTML Dashboard

A simple component that generates an HTML dashboard representing event flows in a single Mule instance.

Simple Service

The goal of the Simple Service pattern is as simple as its name suggests: to provide a simple way to expose request-response services.


Sms transport provider can be used for sending sms messages thru a mobile phone that is connected to the computer via a COM port (USB, Bluetooth, etc).


The Sugar CRM Mule transport enables Mule to interact with a SugarCRM server, anywhere on the network.

T3270 Application Connector

Send and receive messages to/from a 3270 (telnet) session


The Telnet Transport can execute shell command via Telnet.

Tibco Rendezvous Transport

Provides Tibco Rendezvous connectivity for Mule. An inbound/outbound rendezvous transport supporting: certified messaging, distributed queues, runtime defined endpoints, etc.


The Twitter connector provides an easy to integrate with the Twitter API using Mule flows.



Validates inbound messages against a defined acceptance filter. Returns an ACK or NACK response synchronously and dispatches valid messages asynchronously.


This transport allows Mule to send and receive messages securely over VFS

Web Service Proxy

Proxying web services is a very common practice used for different reasons like security or auditing. This pattern allows a short and easy configuration of such a proxy.


The aim of this project is to extend WSDL SOAP mule transport in order to integrate WSRF Grid Globus Service (GT4 Globus Alliance org.) on Mule.

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